Celebrating Achievement: Secondary School Awards Ceremony 

On the 12th of April, the International School of Bucharest (ISB) hosted a grand Award Ceremony to honour the remarkable achievements of its students across various fields in international events. Here are the highlights:

The event commenced with Mr. Oytun Pekel’s (Deputy Head of Secondary School) speech congratulating the students for their hard work. It continued with an introduction to the esteemed Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) program, a transformative journey empowering young individuals to develop key skills for life. ISB takes pride in being a participant in this prestigious program, which fosters personal development through adventurous activities, community service, and skill-building challenges. Students were honoured for achieving the Awards for Bronze, Silver, and Gold, showcasing their resilience and determination. Alongside them, the award leaders, supervisors, and assessors were recognised for their guidance and support.

ISB students shone bright as they qualified for the Tournament of Champions, demonstrating their intellectual prowess on a global stage in London.

Andromeda Robotics Team received certificates for their performance in the FTC season this year, inspiring future engineers.

The ISB Band captivated the audience at the Talent Show and received recognition for their musical talents.

Athletes and scholars alike were celebrated for their excellence in sports competitions, Mathematics International competitions, and International Economics Olympiads.

The event concluded with the harmonious melodies of the ISB band and soulful piano solos of Eric M. and Mihnea D., reaffirming the school’s commitment to nurturing talent and celebrating success. 

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