ISB Alumni Association

At International School of Bucharest we take pride in the community that encompasses the ISB experience. The ISB community is diverse and enriched by people in different stages of their lives, from different nationalities, offering different perspectives and inevitably moving on to different shores.

If you attended ISB for several years or if you were only here for a trimester, if you graduated or if you did not, you will always remain an alumnus or an alumna of the school.

“Lumina Alumni Association” exists to strengthen the relationships between over a  thousand graduates of the Lumina schools (ISB, ICHB, ICHC and UESEL). With this aim Lumina Alumni will be organizing sportive, cultural and social events that will assist our graduates both in their social lives as well as their professional careers.

Please click HERE to sign-up for becoming a member of the “Lumina Alumni Association”, if you are:

  • ISB Graduate
  • Past ISB Student (Attendee)

More info of the “Lumina Alumni Association” can be found at www.absolvent.ro



We love to hear from our Parents, Students, Teachers and Alumni.


“My teachers at ISB were always supportive of my athletic commitments, and I really appreciated them for that. They helped me excel in my academics while also achieving my fencing and basketball goals. My dedication to academics, with the help of my teachers and counsellors at ISB, enabled me to be awarded a full academic scholarship to study in the U.S., and am now working in New York.
Filip G. (Class of 2019)
University of Miami, USA
“I was a student at ISB for 12 years and always felt like it was my second home. Throughout these years, I created long-lasting, invaluable relationships with my fellow classmates as well as teachers. What I loved most about ISB is the sense of belonging and community. It creates for the students, as I felt like part of a big family from day one. My experiences have shaped me into a well-rounded individual who is thirsty for knowledge and ready to face the challenges of adult life. I am truly thankful that I grew up in such a fruitful environment, and I am proud to call myself an ISB alumna!
Maria D. (Class of 2019)
Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands
“I am very happy with my overall experience at ISB. More than anything, I am really grateful for the community at this school, as well as the relationships that I was able to develop over time. My most memorable moments include the numerous sports in which I took part with my teammates and life-long friends. ISB is definitely one of the factors that helped shape who I am as an individual and student.
Mihail V. (Class of 2023)
Cornell University, USA
“Being at ISB for so long might seem restrictive, but it was rather liberating. I was given a safe environment which I could step out of whenever I was ready to do so. I stepped outside of my comfort zone countless times, with the help I received from the teachers who were offering their advice and support, if necessary, at every step of the way. I've done so in many ways, experimenting with new personal activities, leading internal and external events, and actively participating in many programmes and competitions that were promoted in school.
Maria V. (Class of 2024)
Cornell University, USA