Primary School

There are many opportunities for learning in the Primary School

At ISB, we follow the English National Curriculum which offers a child centred, challenging and well-balanced curriculum for our pupils. The programme caters for the individual needs of all pupils allowing stimulation of the child’s interests and learning capabilities so they can realise their full potential.

Providing a secure and safe environment where all our pupils can achieve and reach their full potential, is at the heart of our learning and teaching. As well as equipping our pupils with the academic and social skills needed to become successful young adults. THE CURRICULUM
So that our teaching and learning is well suited to our children, each stage is slightly different. Each stage is outlined below. (For further information about the British National curriculum please see Primary National Curriculum in England.

In line with the English National Curriculum, and in addition to it, ISB covers these subjects in Key Stages 1 & 2:
◉ English
◉ Maths
◉ Phonics
◉ History
◉ Geography
◉ Science
◉ Art
◉ Design & Technology
◉ Music
◉ Computing
◉ Physical Education including
◉ Swimming
◉ PSHE/Wellbeing

  • Safe and secure environment;
  • Truly international exposure (over 40 nationalities represented in the school);
  • Purpose-built, modern, bright, and airy campus, in a green area of Bucharest, with great facilities (cafeteria, theatre, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, library, outdoor playgrounds);
  • Large number of extra-curricular activities that cater for a rainbow of children’s interests;
  • Arabic, Chinese, Romanian, and Turkish first language lessons provided by native teachers.
  • Fully accredited British-style education based on National Curriculum of English and Wales and Cambridge curriculum;
  • The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which is arguably the most prestigious pre-university course, helping students get access to renowned universities abroad;
  • Transparent communication with the school (continuous feedback for children progress and activities);
  • Library, Computing and Drama lessons included in the curriculum;
  • Field trips and residential trips;
  • Private instrument music lessons on request: drums, guitar, violin, piano.
  • High staff-to-pupil ratio;
  • High expat teacher ratio across the teaching staff;
  • Native English teachers;
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) support programme;
  • SEN (Special Education Needs) programme.
  • From kindergarten up to the high school  in the same system and on the same premises;
  • Easily switch to other educational system if the need arises.
  • Very competitive school fees compared with other private international schools in Bucharest.