Scholarship Programme

ISB aims to provide access to high standards of education to external candidates who cannot meet the expense of a private international school, thrive academically and have an impeccable conduct, live in Bucharest.

The ISB Scholarship Programme’s objective is to grant full or partial scholarships to eligible students who cannot meet the expense of the ISB education.

External candidates age 14 and 16, at the start of Year 10 and Year 12. The scholarship will cover the IGCSE Programme (Year 10 and Year 11) and the IB Programme (International Baccalaureate Programme – Year 12 and Year 13).

Brief information on the ISB Scholarship Programme

ISB Scholarship Programme is available both to students age 14 or age 16 who are not currently enrolled at ISB;

Students who would like to apply for scholarship need to prove they need financial support, excellent academic results and impeccable bahaviour conduct, positive modelling of ISB core values (Learn, Respect, Succeed);

Parents are asked for a full disclosure of the family income, as requested by the members of the Scholarship Committee;

Financial condition is evaluated annually and scholarship beneficiaries must provide financial information each year in order to renew their scholarship agreement;

Students will benefit from full scholarship only on the understanding that they continue to demonstrate academic excellence and commitment to learning, maintain a clean disciplinary record, contribute to the school community, serve as a role model for the student body;

The budget for each year will be decided by the Lumina Board;

The ISB Scholarship Committee will decide the amount granted to individual students after the interviews;

Applications can be submitted by email to admissions@isb.ro by 12th January 2023.  All selected candidates will be announced by 20th January 2023.

  1. Between 23rd January and 27th January 2023 shortlisted students will sit an assessment consisting of an on-line test and a written essay;
  2. Candidates who meet the academic criteria will be invited to school for an interview by the committee.

 Minimum online test criteria for consideration:

    • YELLIS score ⥸ 130 (Year 10)
    • IBCE results ⥸ 125 (Year 12)
    • Students who have already taken IGCSEs will be expected to have achieved IGCSE results ⥸ 6A* or A grades

 All selected candidates need to bring the following documents in original:

  • Official school academic transcripts for the past full 3 academic years and half of the current academic year supported by evidence of the financial situation;
  • Both parents’ income statements for the past three months (salary payment slips, pensions coupons or other relevant financial documents);
  • State allowance for children;
  • Other state allowances (relevant documentation if applicable);
  • Rental Contract to demonstrate income from rental of properties if applicable;
  • Declaration signed at the notary from parents that they do not have other financial resources;
  •  In case of divorced parents, please provide the legal documents which prove the legal custody of the child;
  • Copies of parents’ ID’s;
  • Copies of all siblings birth certificates.

Applicants who fail to provide all necessary documentation by the appropriate deadline will be disqualified and will be informed of the specific reason for ineligibility.

  1. The committee will make the final decision whether a scholarship will be awarded for the academic year 2023/2024 and what the value of the scholarship will be by 17th February 2023.
  2. Following the student’s acceptance in to the scholarship programme, a contract needs to be signed between the school and the parents and the ISB admission procedure needs to be completed.

Who are the committee members?

Director, Head of Primary School/Secondary School, Finance Manager, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) members and Admissions and Communication Manager


12th January 2023 – deadline for submitting applications for the ISB Scholarship Programme

13th – 27th January 2023 – Successful applicants are invited to school for tests and interviews

27th January – 10th February 2023 – Test results and interviews evaluation

17th February 2023 – Announce the winners

Should you be interested in the ISB Scholarship Programme, please contact admissions@isb.ro