Behind the Scenes of the First Edition of the Student Led TEDx ISB

‘Small actions influence significant and unforeseen consequences’ This is the root of the
Butterfly Effect and the theme behind the inaugural edition of TEDx ISB. We are thrilled to
share the resounding success of the first edition of this event held on the 6th of April 2024.
TEDx events are independently organised events which follow the same structure and
format of the globally renowned TED Talks. As organisers the biggest reward we could have
was seeing the event day run smoothly in tandem with the sentiment of believing we
managed to ignite inspiration to young minds through the transformative ideas and thought
provoking speeches we tried to deliver.
With the theme of the Butterfly Effect in mind we started curating a diverse lineup of
speakers whose experiences embodied the spirit of our theme. From lawyers who
showcased the effect of the butterfly effect in altering the legal system to parenting experts
dedicated to the goal of improving familial relationships, we considered the speaker list a
crucial aspect of the event into which we poured our hearts and skills to guarantee a
success. Organising TEDxISB was no small feat. Months of meticulous planning,
brainstorming sessions, and collaboration went into shaping this event.
Saturday, 6th of April. The day of the event finally came. The excitement was palpable as
attendees started appearing in the theatre, eager to be inspired. Looking back one of the
highlights of the day was witnessing the power of connection through dialogue as participants
reneged in lovely discussions during our networking breaks. The exchange of ideas and
perspectives further underscores the profound impact of small actions in fostering meaningful
connections and influencing positive change.

Blue kaleidoscopes of butterflies fluttered around the stage and crimson red flowers
blossomed around the TEDx letters; ISB history was about to be made. The event gave 10
speakers from all walks of life the opportunity to share their wisdom and insight on the theme
of the event. One after the other, our speakers, both students and adults, filled the stage with
their presence and unique ideas told through engaging stories.
Everything from scientific phenomena to familial relationships and habit-creation was
dissected on stage, taking the audience through a carefully curated journey that explored every
corner of the Butterfly Effect. A galaxy of ideas revealed itself in the dim theatre, an
interconnected constellation being carefully woven – and together, the speakers walked our
audience through the marvel of the Butterfly Effect.
The theme was applied to the lives of teenagers first, inciting them to take control of their lives
and begin with small, good deeds that extend like a fractal spreading its’ limbs into the lives of
others. Then, the adverse perspective was explored, imploring parents to rethink the little
aspects of their relationship with their children.

Audience’s members were taught how to build long-lasting habits through small, effortless
steps, and how the fragility of our memories should not be underestimated. A compelling
speech dived into the essence of pedagogical needs of children nowadays, and another
brilliant speaker divulged the intimate relationship between empathy in the judicial system and
judicial reforms. The Butterfly Effect was also applied in the arts, with both an artist and actress
explaining the importance of small actions in their respective fields, and our titular devil’s
advocate of the event presented an antithesis in the culmination of the event, urging us to also
take into consideration other theories alongside the Butterfly Effect. Finally, NASA’s youngest
analogue astronaut retold her compelling experiences in a life-changing mission and stressed
the importance of accountability and meticulous planning – it saved her life, and perhaps one
day it might save our audience’s in unexpected ways!
It was with immense pleasure and pride that we awarded our speakers, volunteers and
organising team for their tireless hard work, but it was also with heavy hearts that the day
ended. As our audience members eventually filed out of the theatre, we were filled with a
sense of hope that our event had managed to knock down the first domino, and from there on
out a chain reaction would be unleashed, the effects of which would be felt in the lives of our
attendees and in the wider community of which they were a part of.
We would like to thank once more every speaker, participant, and volunteer that helped create
the first-ever edition of TEDx International School of Bucharest, and who helped make it an
unforgettable event.

Maia S., ISB Student

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