Introducing the Sparkling New Issue of ISB Insight Magazine

Dear International School of Bucharest’s Community,

Get ready to embark on an inspiring journey through the pages of our latest edition of ISB Insight Magazine!

Filled with insightful articles, this issue shines a spotlight on the heart and soul of our school – our students, our initiatives, and our collective values.

As you flip through the lively pages, you’ll discover stories that echo the very essence of our community –stories of empowerment, celebration, and growth.

From heartwarming accounts of student-led initiatives to insightful reflections on our core values of Honesty, Empathy, Responsibility, and Open-Mindedness, the content resonates with the spirit of excellence and character that defines us.

At the International School of Bucharest, our story emerges from the collective efforts of each and every one of us. By nurturing our values and fostering a culture of inclusivity and growth, we are not just shaping minds but also building futures filled with purpose and integrity.

So, let’s dive in! Happy reading!

Madalina Cioc


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