Celebrations Around the World. ISB Celebrates Chinese New Year

A heartfelt thank you to our incredible community and friends for joining us in celebrating Chinese New Year with boundless warmth and joy!

Our dedicated students and teachers poured their hearts into organising an unforgettable show in the theatre on the 9th February. Melodies of traditional Chinese music, courtesy of our esteemed guests from the Institutul Confucius din Bucuresti, captivated the audience. Breathtaking Dragon Dance and the Martian Art representation by Shanghai Wu-Shu performers left us in awe.

After the captivating performances, we indulged in a delightful feast of Chinese cuisine for lunch, savouring every moment of togetherness.

In the afternoon the ISB gallery was abuzz with workshops on Chinese Culture and Traditions, led by our students and esteemed guests.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the representatives from the Embassy of China, to our guests from Confucius Institute, Shanghai Wu-Shu for gracing us with their presence and support throughout the event.

Least, but not last, a big thank you to our wonderful teachers, Mr. Yang Jiacheng (Chinese Teacher), Ms. Ingrid Stanciu, (Head of Enrichment in Primary School), Mrs. Eva Scarlat and Monica Ilie (Primary School Teachers) and to our wonderful Chinese Community, students and parents.

To everyone involved in making this day so magical, we express our sincerest appreciation. Your contributions and presence have made this celebration truly unforgettable!

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