The 2nd edition of Franklin D. Roosevelt Model United Nations Conference (FDRMUN)
kicked off on the 17 th February with an Opening Ceremony at the prestigious House of

130 students from 30 high schools across Romania, from Bulgaria, Ireland, Denmark signed
up for FDRMUN at ISB this year.
FDRMUN is more than just a conference; it’s a student-led initiative driven by the passion
and intellect of Year 11, 12 and Year 13 ISB students.
This year’s theme, “Ensuring Sustainability in an Ever-changing World” set the stage for
thought-provoking discussions and innovative solutions.
The conference continued at ISB for 5 days, with inspiring events and debates lined up. The
delegates geared up for resolution writing and second topic discussions. Seeking middle
ground, delegates collaborated amidst lively discussions, unravelling complex topics.

Day 5 marks the culmination of an extraordinary adventure – the FDRMUN conference. Five
days filled with impassioned debates, diplomatic negotiations, and unforgettable moments.
Led by the brilliant minds of ISB students in Year 11, 12, and 13, the FDRMUN conference
has been nothing short of remarkable.
We witnessed the grand finale at the prestigious House of Parliament in Bucharest, where
the General Assembly convened for one last time. It was a momentous occasion, filled with
pride and accomplishment as our students showcased their dedication and leadership on an
international stage.

We couldn’t be prouder of our students for their outstanding contribution. They have not only
represented our school with excellence but have also inspired and empowered high school
students from 30 schools in Romania and beyond.
As we bid farewell to this chapter, we carry the belief in the power of youth to shape a better
world. Congratulations to all participants, organisers, and delegates for making FDRMUN a
resounding success!

To the exceptional ISB students who orchestrated FDRMUN’s magic: Congratulations,
FDRMUN organisers! Mission accomplished.
“At FDRMUN, our mission is to inspire and empower high school students from a variety of
backgrounds. We achieve this through diplomatic discourse, facilitating cultural exchange
and fostering personal development” FDRMUN https://www.fdrmun.org/

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