ISB Andromeda Robotics Team: Challenges, Triumphs, and Future Horizons Await!

Over the winter holiday, the team members from the Andromeda met several times at school for 2 main reasons: working on and improving the robot and planning for the Robotics Meet event that will take place in our school on the 20th of January.
There have been ups and downs, a lot of trial and error, many meetings online and offline, but time just flies by when you believe in your goal.
This year, FTC switched things up, setting a new bar for the challenge: each team needs to attend three different Meet events to qualify for the Regional rounds. Last weekend, on January 6th, our team dove into action at the Ignite event hosted at Primaria Sectorului 2.It was a busy day – arrivals, robot inspections, and a flurry of matches kept us on our toes.
And the adventure doesn’t stop there! Two more Meet events are on the horizon – January 13th and January 20th. Anticipation is running high for these
upcoming challenges! Feeling generous? If you want to fuel our dreams
and sponsor us, send us an email at andromeda@ isb.ro and become a part of our journey. Your support means the world. Thank you!

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