Welcome Picnic at Edenland Adventure Park

Induction Day and Team Building Activities for ISB Students help new students integrate into
the school community, understand its values, and build strong relationships with their peers
and teachers.

Starting a new chapter in one’s academic journey can be both exciting and daunting. New
surroundings, unfamiliar faces, and the anticipation of what lies ahead can make the first
days of school an anxious experience.

Induction days play a crucial role in ensuring that new students transition smoothly into
their new academic environment. At ISB, the Welcome Picnic serves as the perfect platform
to introduce newcomers to the school’s values, culture, and the people who will become an
important part of their life for the next few years.

Before the academic year started, new students had joined the school for an Orientation
Day, where school administrators and teachers introduce new students to ISB’s values,
mission, and vision, as well as school’s procedures and policies.

During Welcome Picnic, the students can interact with their future classmates and teachers
in a relaxed and informal setting. This early interaction helps alleviate the initial
apprehensions and creates a sense of familiarity.

Edenland Adventure Park serves as the perfect backdrop for team building activities that go
beyond the classroom and textbooks. These activities encourage students to collaborate,
communicate, and build friendships that will last throughout their ISB journey.

Enhance Interpersonal Communication Skills
Activities such as rope courses, treasure hunts, and obstacle courses challenge students to
work together, solve problems, and think critically. These skills are not only essential for
academic success but also for life beyond school.
Students learn to listen, express their thoughts clearly, and provide constructive feedback,
all of which are vital skills in any academic and professional setting.

Building Trust & Creating a Sense of Belonging
Trust is the foundation of any strong community. Through fun activities, students learn to
trust one another, building strong bonds that extend far beyond the picnic.
The Welcome Picnic at Edenland Adventure Park is not just about having fun and making
new friends; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging. When students feel like they belong
to a community, they are more likely to excel academically, engage in extracurricular
activities, and contribute positively to the school environment.

Reducing Anxiety
By familiarising themselves with their peers and surroundings early on, new students
experience less anxiety and are better prepared to face the challenges of a new school year.

The Welcome Picnic is a crucial part of the ISB experience. With a solid foundation in place,
ISB students can embark on their academic journey with confidence, knowing that they
belong to a community that cares about their well-being and success.
Welcome to ISB, where every student is not just welcomed, they belong!

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