Save the dates for a fantastic opportunity for children from ISB (KS1 and KS2) to enjoy our campus and facilities during the summer break, from 26th June to Friday, 7th July, from 9.00- 15.00.

Whilst still allowing our students to have the flexibility to enjoy their summer holiday, we also aim to develop their academic skills and strengthen their prior knowledge, which will be essential for the year ahead.

Students will enjoy a freshly-cooked hot lunch and a snack in the afternoon. Lunch and snacks are included in the fee. Please let us know if your child has special dietary needs or allergies.

Students are divided into age-appropriate groups. All activities will be delivered in English. Do not worry if your child does not speak English as teachers will differentiate according to their needs. Pupils will learn English by participating in our activities, including arts, and crafts, ball games and sports, board games, outdoor games, etc

The cost of Summer School is 400 EURO per week. Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Scott Cable at scott.cable@isb.ro or Mr. Ahmet Tuncer at ahmet.tuncer@isb.ro.

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