Social Responsibility​

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility plays an important role in students’ learning experience at ISB. Students of all ages get involved in fundraising activities for selected charities, under the guidance of teachers and the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). 

ISB assists and promotes fundraising activities undertaken by some of the local charities: Noi Orizonturi Familia Association, Inocenti Foundation, Second Chance Foundation, Sansa Ta Association, Pro Vita Association, M.A.M.E Foundation. Oncology Fundeni Hospital, Marie Curie Hospital for Children and Sfantul Iosif Orphanage were some of the institutions which benefitted from the fund-raising campaigns supported by the ISB community.   

Many students are involved in projects with the local or overseas foundations whose purpose is helping communities who have been affected by a natural disaster. ISB students have joined the Clean Water Project campaign initiated by Kimse Yok Mu (KYM) Foundation who built water wells in 18 countries, offering access to clean water to 3 million people. Our students managed to raise 5000 $, through various events and activities organised at the school. The money has been used to build the water well no 177 in Kenya. 

A big thank you to all our students, parents, teachers and members of the community for their generosity and for frequently giving up their own time to support the school.