ISB Supports “Un Paste Mai Bun” Campaign

As part of our tradition, we continue to support and participate in the community by giving a helping hand to those who need our help. This year we will run the “Un Paste Mai Bun-2023” (“A BETTER EASTER”) campaign, with a wish to bring a touch of joy to those in need on the special occasion of the holidays. We are delighted that this year the Lumina Foundation, the Association for Dialogue and Universal Values (ADVU) and the Lumina Schools joined as partners on this campaign. Together, we’re making a difference!


The campaign “Un Paste Mai Bun-2022”, (A Better Easter – 2023) organized by the Tuna Foundation in collaboration with the Lumina Foundation, the Association for Dialogue and Universal Values (ADVU) and the Lumina Schools, aims to help over 10.000 families in Romania to have a better Easter.

Project’s Purpose

The aim of the project is to help 10,000 families in Romania to enjoy the Easter holidays, offering them basic food and sweets for children, worth 100 lei per family. Please note that this value is an estimate and we will distribute packages according to the value of donations received, with hopes to exceed this target.

Project’s Outcome

Since the beginning of the project “Un Paste Mai Bun” organized for the first time in 2019, we have managed to help 16,362 disadvantaged families throughout the country by donating food packages for Easter. Since February 2022, we have distributed approximately 75 tons of basic food, clothing, towels and blankets to families who have had to leave their country since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Who do I donate to?

The beneficiaries of this project are the members of the 10,000 families that we aim to help, by providing a food package worth 100 lei.

Why should I donate?

When we donate and help, we feel better, because through our gesture, regardless how small, we know that we bring a smile to a child or an adult who faces difficulties in everyday life.

Also, through such actions we teach children the importance of helping, getting involved and supporting the less fortunate.

How to donate?

You can donate:

  1. Directly to Tuna Foundation’s account -IBAN: RO17 RNCB 0082 0320 2983 0001 with the note DONAȚIE PENTRU UN PAȘTE MAI BUN.
  1. TUNA Foundation – https://tuna.ro/donate.html
  2. On paypal.me/FundatiaTunaRo platform
  3. On the Bursa Binelui platform https://www.bursabinelui.ro/BursaBinelui/Proiecte/Campania-Un-Paste-mai-bun-2023
  4. In all Lumina schools in the country (International School of Bucharest, International School of Oradea, Liceul Teoretic Internațional de Informatică București – Colentina and Pallady, Liceul Teoretic Internațional de Informatică Constanța, Școlile Spectrum Colentina, Pallady, Ploiești, Cluj, Iași, Constanța) in the donation box by reception.

Where will the packages be distributed?

The packages will be distributed in Bucharest, Ilfov, Giurgiu, Constanța, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Bihor, Prahova. We’ve selected these cities as locations of schools under the patronage of Lumina Foundation facilitating the collection of funds, packaging of boxes and their distribution. We also invite students, school staff, teachers and parents to give us a helping hand in wrapping the packages. The distribution is progressive, it will start from 15th March to 14th April 2023. During this time, anyone can donate and we will take care of the rest.

To promote the campaign “Un Paște Mai Bun-2023” we respectfully request the support of friends, public figures and all those who believe in the value of small gestures coming from the heart. On social media, sharing is caring, and more people will be able to join our efforts. Thank you for your support!

Tuna Foundation: http://tuna.ro/

Lumina Foundation: http://www.fundația.lumina.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FundatiaTuna/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fundatia_tuna/

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