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Teacher Testimonials

"The ISB staff are here for the children, first and foremost, and those in positions of authority help staff deliver the very best for the children. I look back at my time at ISB, and I see how ISB got better for the children, I see how ISB got better for the parents and I see how ISB got better for the staff. Looking to the future, I see how ISB wants to get even better again.

Every child, wherever they are in the school, is learning and improving and that is what matters as a school. That every child is having the help and support, and that every teacher is having the help and support, that they need is the key factor in any successful school. The staff at ISB are there for one purpose; to improve children’s life chances.
Especially in this time where people, countries and cultures try to play each other off against themselves or each other. ISB shows that unity and respect works, is possible, and is the way forward. ISB is a team. It is a family of sorts, with a mix of Primary and Secondary. But best of all ISB is a team, family and group of colleagues who want to be better for the children."

Mr. Peall (2012-2017), UK

“I have enjoyed my first term at ISB very much. It has been very pleasant getting to know all the different students with a variety of personalities, as well as the very friendly and helpful staff. I have also found it very exciting to visit Transylvania in the half term as well as seeing what Bucharest has to offer, particularly its great parks and history”...

Mr. Ellison (2012-2014), UK

“I enjoy working at ISB. There are many wonderful teachers in the primary section and the administration staff are supportive and helpful. The class sizes are very small and the children are well behaved. For International staff the ISB wages are enough to live comfortably on – things are relatively inexpensive in Romania compared to the UK. Flights to the UK (and the rest of Europe) are regular and are also cheap, and it is therefore quite easy to pop back to the UK for holidays…”

Mrs. Ssengendo (2010-2014), UK

“I feel privileged to be a teacher and consider it a joy to work with the incredible students and staff that we have at International School of Bucharest. The students are great and tend to rate education highly so the classroom atmosphere is very positive. The staff are young, friendly and very committed. Bucharest is a rapidly developing city, an interesting mix of old and new with huge shopping centres springing up on various corners of town...”

Mrs. Breitenhoffer (2002-     ), Romania


"ISB is a friendly school with wonderful students and professional staff. During my time working here I have seen the school move forward in many positive ways, it feels as if things are getting better and better!

The children of ISB are superb individuals with great personalities and are eager to do well. They have many ways to show their talents and skills from joining one of the school's many after school clubs, to putting on shows for families and friends.

There is the opportunity to meet staff and students from around the world and sharing our cultures definitely makes for a fun filled and lively "International Week."

Bucharest is a bustling city and with a punctual (and very cheap!) transport system it is easy to move around. The parks are beautiful in all seasons and with ice skating in the winter, to rollerblading in the summer, you can be sure there is always something happening.

Outside Bucharest, Romania is a rural, peaceful country of rolling fields, medieval towns and spooky castles! Travelling by train is both convenient and reasonably priced, it is very easy to get out and about at the weekend. "Must sees" include Castel Peles, The cities of Brasov and Sibiu and Bran Castle.

In conclusion, there is plenty to see and do here and you will be sure of a warm welcome both at ISB and in Romania! "

Mrs. Benton (2010-2012), UK