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The House system is an important part of the school life here at ISB. We ensure that brothers and sisters are in the same House as each other and that students remain in their House from the minute they join the school to the day they leave. This provides them with a ready network of friends and colleagues throughout the whole school and helps us generate the family atmosphere so important in a successful school

The names of our Houses  reflect our place in Romania and, so, from September 2014, the ISB Houses have been: Fox House (Blue); Lynx House (Green); Bear House (Red); Hare House (Yellow).

The House system is a tradition of the British style of education and exists to encourage healthy competition, teamwork, leadership and inclusion. In the Primary School, House Captains are elected from Year 6, in the Secondary, the honour of being a House Captain now falls on four of those students selected to be School Prefects.

Students have the opportunity to compete in sports competitions, subject games and quizzes, the Question of the Week competition and much more. There is the opportunity for every single student to represent their House at some point over the course of the year.  All we ask is that they get themselves involved.

In addition to the competitive element, the House system is also an integral part of our approach to behaviour management. In the Primary school, children gain House Points for such things as good behaviour, positive attitude and exceptional effort. In the Secondary school, students who achieve above and beyond the expected levels are rewarded with Green Cards. These Green cards also earn points for their House.