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Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

International School of Bucharest is a licensed center for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award which is the world’s leading youth achievement award.

About the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award:

DofE Award

Guiding Principles:

Our guiding principles have been established in order to ensure that a young person has a meaningful and purposeful journey through their Award, as well as ensuring that the impact of achieving their Award provides a lasting personal legacy. The Award’s guiding principles are as follows: 


Individuals design their own programme, which can be tailored to suit their personal circumstances, choices and local provision. They start at whichever level suits them best and they can take as long as they wish (within the age limit) to achieve their Award.


Doing their Award is a personal challenge and not a competition against others. Every participant’s programme is tailor-made to reflect their individual starting point, abilities and interests.


An Award is achievable by any individual who chooses to take up the challenge, regardless of ability, gender, background or location, with the right guidance and inspiration.


Whilst the Award may be offered within school, college, work time, custody or extra-curricular activity, individuals choose to do a programme and must commit some of their free time to undertake their activities.


Participating in their Award programme fosters personal and social development. Individuals gain valuable experiences and life skills, grow in confidence and become more aware of their environment and community transforming them in to responsible young adults.


The Award provides a balanced framework to develop the individual’s mind, body and community spirit by engaging them in range of activities in up to five different challenges.


At each level of engagement, the Award demands progressively more time, commitment and responsibility from the participant.


The Award inspires individuals to exceed their expectations. They are encouraged to set their own challenges and goals before starting an activity, aim for these goals and by showing improvement will achieve an Award.


The Award requires persistence and cannot be completed with a short burst of enthusiasm. Participants are encouraged to continue with activities and to maintain their interest beyond their programme requirements.


Participants and Leaders should find the Award enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding.

More information can be found on the official Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award website:

Or contact ISB Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Coordinator, Ingrid Stanciu:


DofE Award Leaders and Supervisors/Assessors List:

Ingrid Stanciu   Award Coordinator
Ana Cuatu   Award Leader & Supervisor/Assessor
Alina Constantin  Award Leader & Supervisor/Assessor
Teodora Varzaru  Award Leader & Supervisor/Assessor
Nicoleta Motroc  Award Leader
Cigdem Karaman  Award Leader
Vepa Sarykulov  Award Leader
Simona Negrea  Award Leader & Supervisor/Assessor
Oytun Pekel   Award Leader

Andreea Rebegea, 10S

"The best feeling in the world is doing something that everyone else said you couldn't'' You shouldn't do things for winning, but lets face it, winning feels good. Challenges give you the chance to win, and to push yourself to the edge, which is a great opportunity to learn. This is why I decided to participate in the Duke Of Edinburgh Award program. Two of my favorite categories in this program are Skills and Physical Recreation. I am currently a member of the Victoria Art drama school. Here, I met new people and created strong friendship bonds that will last a lifetime. Acting gives me the privilege to express my emotions and teaches me teamwork and cooperation. I have the opportunity to work with interesting and professional artists which dedicate their whole life towards their natural beauty- drama. 

In my opinion, everybody should have an active and healthy life, that's why I joined the ISB's basketball team. Basketball is not a need for projects such as DOE but it is a choice that I am proud of. We learn control, teamwork and fair play, together with complex techniques and elaborate strategies. When you are at a match, playing at the last quarter, and the audience is chanting and staring at you while you score is the best feeling I have the privilege to acquire. We learn to lose, we learn to be champions but most importantly, we learn to enjoy life from all its aspects."

Derya Yildirim, Year 12 student.

"I began my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award on December 9th, and since then I've become more conscious of how I spend and manage my time. I'm excited to see how this award will help me in the future as I've only just begun and I've seen its benefits from the start. Achieving my targets will be fulfilling as I believe that I will come out a better and more organised person after this experience."