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The ISB Work Experience Programme is available to students in the Secondary School from Years 11-13.

The goals of the programme are

  • To expose students to the realities of the world and culture of work
  • To promote realistic, informed career choices by students
  • To develop positive attitudes to work

More specifically, we aim to help students

  • Understand the basic structure of companies and the functions of the various departments or sections
  • To  make connections between theoretical concepts from their school subjects i.e  Maths, Science, IT, Communication and their practical applications in commerce and industry
  • Develop an understanding of company processes and how the various activities involved are inter-related
  • Gain first-hand information about relevant career paths
  • Get a “feel” for different work environments

What are students expected to do?

In brief, we wish the students to take part in the day-to-day work activities of the company, through a process that affords them opportunities to do actual work, to observe qualified personnel at work and to ask questions.

All students are aware that of necessity, they will probably be required to do fairly menial tasks and that their main objective is to gain exposure to the work environment, not necessarily to do work which is directly related to the careers in which are specifically interested.

We would like to thank the following companies for participating in the ISB Work Experience Programme