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How to get your ISB diploma recognized in Romania.

Dear parents and students,

If you wish to obtain your equivalency for your International Baccalaureate Diploma, you have below the list of documents (in Romanian and English) that you need to submit to CNRED. Moreover, you can find details about the procedure in the documents below.

Attached below are the following documents:
- a formal request in Romanian
- list of documents needed in English and Romanian

For more information you may access the CNRED website, available in both languages, click on the following paths to go to the desired page:

Romanian version: "Scoli Particulare" > "Acte Necesare"

English version: "Equivalence of diplomas awarded by educational institutions in Romania which organize and perform educational activities in correspondence with the education systems of other countries"


ISB Career Counseling Service

The ISB Career Counseling Service exists to provide assistance for our students’ transition from secondary education to universities around the globe. We here at ISB and Lumina are proud of our graduates and our ever-growing success rate at IGCSE and International Baccalaureate. ISB students are now present in some of the most prestigious universities in the world. We are delighted with the high percentage of ISB students getting accepted to university and we aim to continue this progress by helping our students get accepted to even more universities throughout the world. Please see our university placements section for a list of university acceptances and courses.

An overview of the program:

We start providing assistance to our students in the second term of year 9 when they are about to take their first checkpoint external examination. After which the student starts to think about their options for the upcoming two years as a part of their IGCSE program. At the end of IGCSE students are invited to choose subjects that will make up the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. At this point we offer essential guidance and help so that they can make the best possible educated choices for their first choice courses and universities.

At the end of year 9 and year 11 we will be collaborating with specialists to provide the students with some vocational exams which best fit the abilities and likes of the student.
By year 12 and 13 students will be split into groups according to the country in which they would like to study. They will then have the opportunity to find out more about that specific application process. Also in year 12 there will be international university trips to the UK and the Netherlands as well as inviting other university representatives to Bucharest to give talks and advice to students. We will also be introducing an internship scheme and details of this will be announced at a later date.

The ISB Career Counseling Service is also responsible for arranging seminars for sixth form students. We are in the process of inviting some multi-national companies, university representatives and ISB graduates who are currently studying in various parts of the world to our school to further advise and educate our students. We also offer parent workshops on a variety of topics. We invite you to come along!

The ISB Career Counselor and the respective year leader will be working tirelessly to engage and advise our students but we cannot do this alone so we would ask for the help and support of our student parents throughout these processes.

Please contact Mr. Oytun Pekel, our Career Counselor, if you would like to obtain more information from

For additional support in researching your courses you can view the following presentation which can be accessed via this link: