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The International School of Bucharest owns the privilege in having a very large Modern Foreign Languages department, delivering MFL1 classes to 4 different nationalities and another 2 MFL2 classes. This means that students are encouraged not only to continue studying in their own mother tongue language such as Romanian, Turkish, Chinese and Arabic, but also learning an additional language: French, Spanish, Romanian, Arabic and Chinese (via English).

These advantages place ISB on the podium among other international schools in Romania.

It is our intent to provide all our children with a high-quality education in Modern Foreign

Languages (MFL), which develops their love of learning about other languages and cultures.

Students feel more competent, engaged and active in the presentation of languages potentialities, using different ways to show it, internally and externally: International Day, Mother Tongue Day, Open Mornings, National celebrations, etc.

Languages give the school a forward-looking, internationalist, global, multi-cultural dimension.

Raluca Dinu

MFL Primary Leader & Romanian Primary Teacher