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The P.E. department at ISB believes that involvement in sport, play and their associated activities has many benefits.  Participation will not only help to keep you fit and healthy but it will also help you to learn and develop important life skills that will help you in University and in later life when you enter the world of work.  These include:

Leadership, Organisation, Time keeping, Team work, Sportsmanship, Being gracious in victory and defeat, Communication, Sharing and listening to ideas, Planning and problem solving

At ISB we encourage all students to be fully active in all P.E. lessons. We use a range of games, dance, gymnastics, swimming, fitness and athletic activities as our medium to teach the above skills as well as the numerous other physical, emotional and social benefits that can be achieved through participation in sport.

The department also offers an extra curricular programme of activities in which you have further opportunities to get involved in sport and exercise. Some of our activities are offered simply as fun clubs where you can learn a new activity, meet new friends, get fit and enjoy your leisure time. Other activities are offered as school TEAMS where we train with an emphasis on raising standards of performance in order to compete in various leagues organized by international schools in Bucharest and abroad. 

Football, Table Tennis, Basketball and Swimming competitions are among the sports we take part. 

Lumina Football Cup is the most prestigious tournament among the international schools in Bucharest which we proudly have been organizing for the past tweleve years.

House competitions at ISB allow everyone to get involved in competitive yet friendly sports tournaments. Our 4 houses are extremely close in ability and enthusiasm making all house events tense, exciting and great fun to be part of. 

P.E. offers something for everyone. Whether it's in lesson time, a sports club, a sports team, during one of our house events or international school league matches, it is important that you remember one thing..... We do not expect everyone to be the best but we do expect you to try your best! Try to get involved in P.E. today!