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Borbola Toth



“Going to ISB opened the world for me. I should thank the school for making me who I am today. I made great friends, who thought me so many things about life and myself. I learnt English in a fun and easy way with some excellent teachers in entertaining lessons. I realized that people are the same no matter where they come from and this gave me the strength to continue my studies in several different countries. I have lots of unforgettable memories from my years at ISB, and they will follow me throughout my life. So thank you!” 

Borbola Toth (International Business Academy, Denmark)






“I moved to ISB in year 12 and spent there 2 of the best years of my development. My English significantly improved and my Travel&Tourism skills flourished. As I am specialised in Hospitality, I can say that the courses I took had a great impact on my career. I am thankful to all the support I got there and truly happy I studied in a multicultural environment.”

Andra Paraschiv (Cesar Ritz, Switzerland)



"I started at the International School of Bucharest from year 7  and completed year 12. Looking back, the memories made with my friends and teachers have made the entire journey complete. The greatest wealth I have are the friends, peers and teachers from ISB with whom I am regularly in contact from whom I can draw up valuable life and business experience as well as sharing mine. I arrived in Romania and ISB knowing no-one and left with an abundance of likeminded and ambitious friends who now live all abroad the world." 

Conan Gomes (University of Monash in Melbourne; MA in marketing)




"Having graduated from ISB after a journey of 13 years, I can confidently say that it’s more than a just a school for me. I learned about diverse cultures and peoples in an unparalleled international environment that broadened my knowledge and horizon. I am therefore most grateful to be part of this family. Thank you ISB!"

Mehmed Gokcel (Queen Mary University, London)





“ISB has brought me valuable and wonderful experiences. Not to mention how it has helped me academically by providing supportive teachers and positive learning environment. It is the place where I met my lifetime friends and spent the most incredible 5 years time in my life ”

   Mengshi Huang (University of Bristol, UK)



"How can I sum up 4 years of my life in a few lines? I can't. But what I can tell you is that in those 4 years spent at ISB, I've learned and acquired life-long lessons that guide me in life. Not just from the courses, but the experiences made with friends. Life-long friends from all over. I wish you all the very best."
 Maxim Potloja (Level 2 Technical Support Engineer, Poland)


"I spent 13 amazing years in ISB, filled with countless memories and excellent academic achievements. Coming to this school with little to no knowledge of the English language, I can now proudly say that ISB helped me become not only a native speaker, but pushed me to achieve all my academic successes thus far. I am now a Law student in a Top 50 university in the United Kingdom. ISB offered me lots of support along the years - I am extremely grateful for them letting me complete crazy projects such as the two international MUN conferences, ISB MUN, of 2011 and 2012. I was named International Student of the Year in 2013 by the CIE examination board, as well as received the highest mark in the world for the first year of AS-Level Global Perspectives. I honestly do not believe that this would have been possible without the help of the staff who work tirelessly to teach us and ensure that we give our best in the CIE exams." 

Katy Simitzi (Brunel University London, UK)


“I have attended the International School of Bucharest starting all the way from pre-school up until year 11. I met great people from all around the world and I can confidently say that the time we spent there was priceless. Throughout those many years, both my teachers and my friends have made me feel like as if it was my second home. I strongly believe that ISB has contributed greatly to what I am as a person now, regarding both the knowledge that I have and the attitude I have towards life.”

Alphan Safi (University of Westminster, London, UK)


“ISB has provided me with a fruitful environment that prompted me to achieve my greatest potential on an academic platform. In addition to fueling my ambition, I have developed strong ties with equally ambitious peers that even today I consider great friends. The international setting has provided me with key notions of our increasingly globalised world allowing me to develop prominent characteristics in today’s competitive work environment.”

Tarek Cheaib (University College London, London, UK)


My time in ISB was very special and I hope to come more often to this place filled with memories. School is a part of us; it is the place we’ve learned some of the most important lessons in life. Lets not forget them and lets remember them together!

All the best,”

Dana Naryn Athina Shikhil (University of Ion Mincu, Buchartest)