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ISB Admission Procedure Due to COVID-19

Online Meetings with Admissions

The Romanian authorities decided to close all schools in Romania. However, the online learning continues and the Admission Department is still available, both online and on the campus. 

Contact us by Skype:+40 373 78 25 55  or at Alternatively, you may book a Zoom video conference with relevant staff. 

When requesting a video conference, kindly take note of the following:


        1.Please send us an email with your request of a video conference 2 days in advance. We would like to make sure that all relevant staff are available, including the Head of Primary or Secondary School.

         2.Bookings to be made only during weekdays (9.00a.m.- 2.00p.m.) and on EET

Campus Visits

Starting May 18, our campus is open to prospective parents visits and access will be granted based on prior appointment with the Admissions Department. Please call or contact us by e-mail to schedule an appointment.
Due to the new health and safety regulations, we can meet only a maximum of two members of the same family at the school.  

Health and Safety Measures for Visitors of our Campus

We allow access only to visitors who wear a mask which covers the mouth and nose.

On arrival, all the visitors are kindly asked to use hand sanitizing and disinfection mats.

Visitors are kindly asked to show their ID at the entrance.

Visitors will have their temperature checked before access is permitted into the school. If the temperature is higher than 37.3 °C, the visitor will be directed to a waiting area for a second check. Those who still have their temperature showing over 37.3 °C, will not be admitted and advised to consult their family doctor.

There will be a dedicated entrance for access into the school and leaving the campus.
Visitors will be allowed to enter an office one at the time, respecting the social distancing rule. The remaining visitors will wait in the hall, keeping the required social distance.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory in school premises at all times and the social distance rule of minimum 2m must be respected.

Thank you for your cooperation. We are looking forward to meeting you at the school!

Keep safe,

Admissions Office