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Here we are, at the beginning of a new year. We are leaving behind a very challenging year and we are hoping that this new one will heal and unlock us.

The new issue of the ISB Insight Magazine - “Together at a Distance” -is now available. We hope you will enjoy reading it and find that it reflects our purpose to stay connected to our true selves and to our community. Uncertainty is difficult; however, it has a positive outcome: it challenges us to learn new skills and boosts our creativity to find new ways of being together, being seen and being heard.

As I sorted the articles gathered for this issue, I became aware of some of the things that we do here at ISB which I think are very important for any community, especially in times of uncertainty. Essentially:

  • We are all connected and what we do matters. A perfect example is the Plant a Tree Activity and the Donate a Book/Laptop campaign.
  • Laughter and connections are medicine; this is one of the reasons why we have Fun Fridays at the school for Primary Students.
  • Celebration is important. We have celebrated the students’ personal achievements in school and international competitions. We have been celebrated the community through International Day, National Day of Romania and holidays (Christmas), continuing our traditions in spite of the exceptional year.
  • Success stories start here. Our brilliant students can make full use of the international education provided here. They discover and take on new hobbies and passions which they are committed to and are willing to pursue. We invite you to read the story of The Nest from our Year 12 students’ web site, magazine and podcast, watch the film Filip has made for International Day and listen to his story and take a tour of the virtual art galleries arranged by the students.

This year perfectly exemplified that “learning sometimes requires us to break old habits. It rewires our instincts and helps us see the world in a new way–not just see it, but act differently in it”-Seth Godin

A supportive community and a well-thought curriculum can make a huge difference. And we are grateful for both.

Happy Reading!

Madalina Cioc

Admissions and Communications Manager

ISB Insight Magazine Editor