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In response to school closures caused by COVID-19, ISB turned to online learning solutions for the students to limit the disruption of education. At the moment, ISB is providing e-learning for all subjects (including PE, PSHE, Music and Art) for all students, from Early Years to Year 13. Using the IT technology our staff and students have already been familiarised with, our teachers are able to continue the interactive learning sustained by live video, chat, file share, screen share, screen recording and annotation.

Timetables were shared with the students who are expected to be online at 9.00am. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each lesson and teachers make use of formative assessments using online tools whenever necessary.

Online education tools have been tested and practised, and all the teachers have received training by the Technology Leaders in school. ISB community teachers, students and parents have already been successfully using online resources, applications and platforms for the past few years. A multitude of factors have been considered before going online: from selecting the most relevant tools to ensure inclusion of the distance learning programmes, data protection and privacy to planning the daily study schedule.

The school has prepared an Online Learning Guide which contains a distance learning plan, how to use learning tools, online etiquette, useful tips and links for the wellbeing of students and more.

This working document will be updated regularly and free to access here.

“We were very pleased to see excellent attendance and to see that students were fully engaged in their lessons. I thank our students, parents, teachers and support staff who have all worked together to make this a success. In general, I was very pleased with the first-day results. I also had the opportunity to virtually observe some of the sessions, thank you to those who have hosted me in their lessons. ISB is aware of its social responsibility to contribute to the community so we can go over this challenging period together. We are happy to share our experience and know-how and offer consultation to other schools, if needed” said Mr. Sinan Kosak, the Director of ISB.

This new method of schooling will be a new opportunity for the schools to strengthen the connection within their community. ISB created an email address where parents, staff and teachers are very welcome to send their feedback.  We invite you to read below some feedback we received from the parents so far:

 “This is to congratulate you on a fast and efficient organisation within the framework of this unfortunate situation. We consider that on-line learning is a perfect solution for Y13 till the exams, as we only speak about one and a half months till the IB:
-efficient (no time lost on the way to/from school)
-safe (within the latest epidemic developments)
-real time feedback from the teacher
-good control of the teacher on the student work”, Parent of an IB student
“We would like to congratulate you for ISB’s swift response to the current situation. The fact that you set up a functional e-learning platform in a matter of days, is amazing. We have twins, 7B & 7S and they responded well to today’s lessons (with small glitches, but we are sure they will adapt). Let’s all hope for the best!” Parent of an ISB Secondary School Student
 “It has been almost incredible to witness the speed of the implementation of such a solution with no technical issues at all in such a short timeframe, as if you have been using this solution for ages.

Judging after the silence in the house it seems that my daughters were entirely engaged. They took it very seriously and although they were reluctant yesterday, I have seen them very happy about their school day. They have worked hard, I noticed the effort they put in. But also I noticed the joy of being present during the classes, at home.

My only regret is that I am not allowed to attend because of my daughters' set firm interdictions.
Congratulations to all who brought their contribution!” Parent of an ISB Primary School Student